The Messiah Prince is not Jesus.

Messiah Prince has just arrived as promised - in the 69th year 


The Messiah prince is NOT Jesus because the individual concerned has already arrived in the 69the YEAR and it was someone else, who was also an "anointed one" but not the predicted individual. The only correct assertion was that he was a "prince” at the time, who later became a "king". But it was not Jesus!

In the meantime, ANOTHER, (different) "anointed one", was "cut off” and "had nothing", because the predicted “Messiah Prince” was promoted from “Prince” to replace him as "King".

Past interpretations of the arrival of the Messiah Prince have given us the WRONG STARTING DATE, the WRONG TIME PERIOD and we have INCORRECTLY ASSUMED, without any real justification, except for the name, that the Messiah Prince, meant Jesus.

Now let’s take the correct date for "the call to rebuild and restore Jerusalem", which was the United Nations Resolution on 29th November 1947 to create the new Jewish State of Israel and the 69th year ends on the 28th November 2016

If we examine the meaning of the word "messiah", we find it merely means "anointed one" and you will realise that the choice is enormous! Every Christian child who has ever been baptised is an "anointed one" because he has been splashed with "holy water" by a priest, or equivalent and over whom it has been intoned: "In the name of The Father, and of The Son and of the The Holy Spirit ......" The child has definitely been "anointed" but he still isn’t the Messiah!

Now take into account that this "anointed one" is not just an ordinary person but a "prince" who will shortly thereafter (if we have identified him correctly) become a full-blown "king" (or equivalent "ruler")

This "anointed one” arrived on the scene in the 69th year, (by November 28th 2016) and became a full "king" in the following year (part way through the 70th year) when the OTHER "anointed one" became a "nobody" because he lost his title!

Now does a name start to ring a bell for these events? -  Impossible, you say, that the Messiah Prince could be Donald Trump??

Now read the final summing up of this prophecy, which would appear to confirm that “The Messiah Prince” is none other than Donald Trump!

"And the THE STREET AND THE WALL shall be REBUILT, even in troublous times"

What, you may well ask, has rebuilding the streets and the walls of Jerusalem to do with Donald Trump? Well, hang on a moment, it doesn’t actually say in the book that the “streets and the walls” are anything whatsoever to do with Jerusalem!

It only refers to the "STREET" and "WALL" in the singular and Donald Trump actually spent 20 years, starting In 1995, REBUILDING 40 WALL STREET into what is now affectionately known as TRUMP TOWERS. It was certainly during "troublous times" because there were a total of 29 law suits and financial actions involving scams against him during this time – but it was absolutely nothing to do with Jerusalem!!

So the Messiah Prince is not and never was Jesus but there is still hope for our salvation because after the entire 70 years end, only a year “late” according to Daniel, comes "an end to transgression" and the “anointing of the Most High”. This could be Jesus, on even someone higher?

In the meantime, we still have to witness “Michael standing up”, sometime during the 70th year, which will signal the start of the Tribulation. Thankfully, we now know that one week is only going to be equal to one year, instead of 7 years, the length of the dreaded Tribulation is now only going to be for six months instead of the  originally-predicted 3 ½  years!

So perhaps God did not, as is commonly claimed, put a 2000 year "hold" on Jesus' 2nd coming". It seems we may just have not only misunderstood the start date of the Messiah Prince prophecy but also got the timing of it as well as his identity wrong!!

You can’t win them all! As one “highly qualified” Bible Scholar once said, in an article on the internet, “There cannot be a single person in the whole of Christendom, who does not accept that The Messiah Prince is Jesus.

At that time I agreed with him but the trouble with the Bible is that no one can understand what a prophecy means until it has actually happened!


Alan Peters 26/6/2017