29. Feb, 2016

Peter the Roman - The Last Pope?


The Prophet Malachy predicted Francis would be the Last Pope!


Is there any evidence that this prophecy could be fulfilled in 2016?



Strangely enough, the following prophecy in Daniel, only now makes sense, after the identification of The Anti-Christ has taken place because the subject of this prophecy is merely identified as "he" and can only now be identified as Pope Francis, following his altercation with Donald Trump! Read the prophecy: 

Daniel 7.25

He will SPEAK AGAINST THE MOST HIGH and oppress his holy people and try to change the SET TIMES and the LAWS. The holy people will be delivered into his hands FOR A TIME, TIMES AND HALF A TIME. (3.5 years) 

WOW! - We just identified "The Most High" as Donald Trump, who is about to take his seat in the "Temple" as "God" (there is no higher place than this!) and the whole world has clearly seen and heard Pope Francis "speak against him" in public!

Furthermore, The Church, with the Pope's agreement, is trying to change the official date of Easter to a "set day" each year instead of being linked to the first full Moon after 21st March. He is also attempting to change the LAW in relation to the requirement of clergy to be celibate.

What a comprehensive identification of "HE" in the prophecy! "He" is definitely Pope Francis!

But then comes the quite shocking news that he will not be in office for very much longer. He was appointed Pope on 13th March 2013 and the prophecy now tells us that the "holy people" (Christians/Catholics) will be delivered into his hands (for safe keeping) for (only) a time, times and a half time, universally accepted, in "Bible-Speak", as three and a half years. 

He is therefore due to "release custody" of his "Flock" in September 2016, if this prophecy is correct. But if he is to be the "Last Pope" it means that no one is going to replace him and suggests that the church will cease to exist because if it continues, another pope will be automatically elected!

Does this suggest that the greatest prophecy of all, namely the return of Jesus, is going to be fulfilled shortly afterward?

Certainly, if He is here personally, he will not need the Pope or the Church, to look after his people! He will have the 144,000 of Revelation with him to "reign as priests with him for 1000 years"

Since it normally takes only a few weeks to elect a new pope when the old one retires or dies, the Final Prophecy of the return of Jesus should not be very long after October 2016.

Since Daniel seems to be making an excellent job of prophecies in the Very Last Days, perhaps he has something to say about the arrival of Jesus for the second time to confirm this prediction!

Read Daniel's prophecy about the arrival of Jesus here.